Nissan Patrol ZD30 GU Garrett Turbocharger Problems and Solutions

Nissan Patrol ZD30 GU Garrett Turbocharger Problems

Turbo Preventative Maintenance and Replacement

The Nissan Patrol ZD30 turbocharged 3.0L vehicle has had a few incarnations since
introduction around the late 1990’s.
Various forums are dedicated to Nissan Patrol owners and have a lot of good information, so below are just a few points we have picked up on from experience of Nissan Patrol ZD30 GU Garrett turbocharger problems and solutions.

Below is some advice to prevent the turbo problems and a more economical choice if replacement is required for the original Garrett turbocharger.

A common complaint and a reason why the original Garrett turbocharger requires replacement is overboosting.
The turbo tends to over boost and at times have an erratic boost curve as it spools up.
It is not uncommon to see the GT2052v Garrett turbo on the ZD30 Patrol spike in boost pressure to well over 20psi.
The uneven boost curve and the boost spike no doubt contribute to the Nissan Patrol turbocharger problems.

The practice of installing a larger / higher flow exhaust on a Nissan Patrol as many owners do, can sometimes be a factor in reducing the problem.
But the issue is more likely if the EGR value has been blanked off.
In fact the common practice of blocking off the EGR in the ZD30 may be the major contributing factor to over boosting.

But as the EGR valve opens and closes, it interacts with boost due to build up and release / flow of gasses.
And as it does, it can affect other parts of the system such as exhaust.
Such as on highway running where temperatures are already elevated and EGR opens, boost may drop but a spike in exhaust gas temperature may be seen.

It is best practice with the Nissan Patrol ZD30 GU regardless of set up, to install a Dawes and needle valve to help prevent the problems of boost spiking.
It will also allow for better control over maximum sustained pressure (say around 15psi if you want more power and less fuel economy) or (say around 10psi for fuel economy).
They also work through spool up, providing a smoother boost curve and a more responsive vehicle in most cases.
Additionally, a boost gauge and an EGT (exhaust gas temperature) gauge is highly recommended.
The EGT gauge can alert you to excessively high temperatures that can damage the engine.
You might also consider an oil catch can to stop oil mist ingress from the crankcase.

So whether you have a modified system, have blanked off EGR etc, to help protect the Nissan Patrol ZD30 Garrett turbocharger installation of a Dawes and needle valve is highly recommended as a solution.

Nissan Patrol ZD30 GU Garrett Turbocharger Replacement

If you currently have the misfortune of a ZD30 Nissan Patrol that needs the turbocharger replaced,
we supply a very cost-effective aftermarket replacement.
We cover the turbocharger with a 24 month warranty,
which is double the 1 year warranty period of the original OEM turbocharger.

You can find our cost-effective Direct Replacement Upgraded GT2052v Nissan Patrol ZD30 Turbo Charger HERE.

If you have any other query on matching turbo parts for your vehicle, please feel free to contact our sales support on: 0490 059 316.