A Clockspring Fitting Procedure

Clockspring fitting procedure

There are some important components that operate through the clock spring. So it is best and highly recommended to have an auto electrician install a clock spring. However, if you are savvy with car maintenance and have the tools, then you may make the decision to install yourself. That is entirely up to you. Difficulty level may be described as Easy to Moderate.
Below is a generic and rough clock spring fitting procedure used by the author to install a replacement clock spring, sometimes called a spiral cable. It is not comprehensive and further steps may be necessary depending on vehicle and installation.
Tools Required:

Spanners and / or a Socket Set


How to Steps:

  • To start make sure the front wheels of the vehicle are forward aligned. Make sure the negative is disconnected from the battery. Then wait for minute or so until all the reserve current is drained from the electrical system.
  • Remove the screws and bolts that fasten the the steering wheel cover and remove the cover.
  • Locate the airbag and remove the side mounting bolts and the wiring of the airbag, then remove the airbag from the wheel.
  • Use socket-driver to remove the steering wheel retaining nut.
  • Locate the steering wheel dampener. Generally this is a rectangular component in the center of the steering wheel. Remove the dampener from the assembly and remove the steering wheel.
  • Remove the old clock spring and replace in exact same position the new airbag clock spring.
  • Bolt the steering wheel back on by replacing the wheel nut.
  • Re-position the airbag and its wiring and the steering wheel dampener.
  • Replace the bolts and or screws from the wheel covering.
  • Reconnect the negative battery terminal cable.

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