Aftermarket Nissan Navara Turbocharger D40 D22


Aftermarket Nissan Navara Turbocharger


There are a number of turbos available for the Nissan Navara.
Read on to learn how to identify the correct Aftermarket Nissan Navara Turbocharger that is suitable as a replacement for your needs and your model Navara.

The BEST way is to check for the part number on the ID plate to determine the Model and/or Part Number or OEM (Original End Manufacturer) Part Number.
The plate or tag is located on the compressor housing side of the turbo (the ‘air’ side of turbo). You may have to remove a covering from the turbocharger and also clear off grease and oil to make this visible.

Plate Missing or Too Hard to See?

The vehicle may be fitted with a non standard turbocharger if there are no ID tags or plates as all the originals do have tags or plates.
In such case, we advise that you email a few clear photos of the turbo to us for a visual ID.
You can find our email details in the above menu under “Contact Us”
If this is too hard to see as the turbo is still on vehicle (and due to position of turbo which is usually the case), then go from here:

1) Does your Navara have a a factory original ZD30 3.0 Litre engine?
If so it is probably a D22 Navara and you can find the replacement standard and UPGRADE aftermarket HT12 turbo here!
2) If your Navara has a YD2.5 Litre engine, AND also a D22 model Navara the replacement VM01 turbo can be found here.
3) There are 2 common turbos available for the YD2.5 / TD25DDTi D40 / D40D (NOT D22) model Navara and you can find out how to select the correct one as a suitable aftermarket replacement here.
4) You may have a D40 2.5L YD25DDTi dCi Navara / Pathfinder MY 2010 – 2012.
In such case you likely will have the turbocharger model with the electronic stepper motor.
The replacement BV45 / 14411-5X01 turbo and stepper motor can be found here.


If you have other queries on matching an aftermarket Nissan Navara turbocharger to your vehicle, please contact our sales support on: 0490 059 316.