Turbochargers by OEM

We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of quality aftermarket Turbochargers by OEM. We have these at a fraction of the cost of an original.

All of the Turbocharger OEM brands below are available as aftermarket, direct factory replacement. They are built to exact factory specs with no modifications required.

Suitable for Garrett Replacement Turbochargers by OEM:

Garrett Turbo (Honeywell Turbo Technologies) is one of the best known names in turbo manufacture. Some production still remains in the US. Garrett are used extensively in Nissan Diesel turbos here in Australia and New Zealand.

Suitable for Toyota Replacement:

The price of our direct replacement aftermarket products is often a quarter OR LESS of the price than the ‘original’ OEM made by or for Toyota vehicles.

Suitable for IHI Replacement:

IHI Corporation of Japan make turbos for Holden and Isuzu vehicles to name a few. This is only one of their manufacturing lines that also include aeronautics such as space launch vehicles.

Suitable for BorgWarner Replacement:

BorgWarner is the second largest turbo manufacturer in the world behind Garrett Turbo Chargers (Honeywell). They supply major brands such as Ford, Volkswagen and Audi. BorgWarner is the result of a merger between the turbo manufacturers KKK and Schweitzer.

Suitable for Mitsubishi Replacement:

Mitsubishi Turbochargers can be found on vehicle brands other than Mitsubishi themselves. Even prestige manufacturers such as BMW, use ‘Mitsi’ turbos in some of their vehicles.

Suitable for Hitachi Replacement:

Japanese multinational Hitachi has far-reaching industry in many areas of the world. They are a turbocharger brand partner with BorgWarner on some vehicle makes such as Mazda. Their turbocharger part numbers usually start with a ‘HT’ making them instantly recognizable in an installation.

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