Mazda CX7 Turbo Problems and Solutions

Mazda CX7 Turbo Problems

Turbocharger Replacement and Preventative Maintenance


The Mazda CX7 Turbocharged 2.3L from roughly 2006 to 2014 deserves its own page here.
There is already quite a bit written about the problems owners have had with these vehicles so we wont expand on it here.
We will just focus more on the main issue that we see from experience.
The 2.3L direct injection 4 cylinder petrol turbo engine is a high-output power plant (especially when considering the vehicle weight).
This is the model that has the most trouble with the turbocharger.
The 2.2L Diesel turbo appears to not have anywhere near the same failure rate and seems to be more sound and reliable.

Below is some advice to prevent the turbo problems and a more economical choice to remedy the Mazda CX7 turbo problems.

We see many of these vehicles with damaged turbo chargers, far more than you would expect for the age and their market penetration.
The turbo seems to be only one of the major weak points of the petrol 2.3L CX7.
Another is problems with the timing chain and over-revving of the VVTi engine, as well as excessive heat build up.
To add to these issues, owners also complain of poor mileage from the vehicle even on open road / highway driving from the high powered turbo 2.3L engine.

Engine sludge build up and possibly overheating appear to be a major contributing factor in turbocharger deterioration and failure.
Perhaps this is why the diesel 2.2L does not exhibit the same failure rate?

For the Mazda CX7 2.3 liter engine and its turbocharger (as it is with most modern turbocharged vehicles), regular servicing is ESSENTIAL.
This is ESPECIALLY so for the CX7 2.3L Turbo engine.
And the most critical need is for the oil and filter to be changed at EVERY service.
We recommend DECREASING the time and distance traveled between regular oil and filter changes BELOW that recommended by Mazda.
We also recommend a higher grade of oil and going to a fully synthetic oil if possible.

The oil sump should be neither under or overfilled.
Overfilling the sump can create excess pressure which may prevent oil flowing into the turbo.

In addition it is absolutely required that oil and filter are changed when a new turbo is installed.

At the same time the service is being done, the banjo bolts for the oil feed and oil drain line should also be cleaned out.
Additionally, the drain line and feed line checked for blockage or damage created (possibly) from excessive heat.
This seems to be particularly true for the CX7 2.3L.

The above outlines some Mazda CX7 turbo problems, and some ways to help prevent the issue re-occurring.

Mazda CX7 Turbocharger Replacement

If you currently have a CX7 2.3L turbo that needs replacing,
we supply a very cost-effective aftermarket replacement.
We cover the turbocharger with a 24 month warranty,
which is double the 1 year warranty period of the original OEM turbocharger.

You can find our cost-effective Direct Replacement CX7 2.3L Turbo Chargers HERE.
Or if you are looking for a performance and reliability upgrade, we are also the ONLY stockists with a High Flow Billet Wheel upgrade option that can be purchased HERE.

If you have any other query on matching turbo parts for your vehicle, please feel free to contact our sales support on: 0490 059 316.